Large displays upon request. People cannot walk by without noticing.

Do you love guns?  Do you enjoy talking with gun owners, hunters and shooting enthusiasts?  If so, then you will want to join the Firearm Guard family  and become a distributor. Our company is growing by leaps and bounds!  Firearm Guards is fast becoming a household name.  We are the only product of its kind, made in America by Americans and is 100% natural.  Distributors can buy our our Firearm Guards at a greatly discounted price and you will have territory rights for your region.  You will receive all the brochures and sales material you will need. Sell to gun shops, gun shows and start collecting a customer base that will eventually be huge for you and will belong to you forever.  Not only can you deal with retailers, but you can seek out end users such as Police departments, Sheriff’s Departments,  Federal Agencies,  Military,  gun and ammo manufacturers, etc. for huge orders.

Large orders from end users will receive pallets like this.
Small displays are great for retail counter tops, on top of gun safes, etc.
Photo compliments of Bob Kile.
Missouri region distributor.
“Small Weekend gun shows can typically sell 60-100 pouches.”
Large trade shows can sell thousands of pouches.